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About Me

I was lucky enough to grow up in the countryside. My parents and grandparents were all keen gardeners. When I was little my Dad grew enough vegetables to supply most of the surrounding area. It was the job of myself, sister and brother to help with the harvest, shelling peas and beans and taking waste to the compost heap. It didn't turn us all into avid gardeners! I do remember lovingly tending my little flower bed of annuals though, which was a gaudy riot of colour that I loved.
I have enjoyed gardening more as I have had my own gardens. It has been a pastime growing flowers and vegetables at the various houses I have lived in whilst doing a 'proper job'.... Looking back I can see the seeds of an interest in garden design sowing themselves. With each garden I made increasingly ambitious changes. However as with many things in life it took a series of events to lead me to the door of a professional design course. 
I spent a year commuting from my home to London one day a week, for an incredibly intensive training in garden design. It covered everything from design to construction, plants to health and safety. Then we had visits to nurseries, tree growers, learnt about plant disease and biosecurity. Assessment was on design projects produced for real clients, who kindly invited twelve students to tramp round their gardens measuring and taking photographs, followed by giving feedback on the proffered designs.
Since completing that course I have undertaken further training with Adam Frost in design and planting schemes.
I live in the beautiful Esk Valley on a smallholding that I share with my horses, dogs, sheep and various poultry.
Walking, riding, watercolour painting and poetry are pastimes I enjoy.


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