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A path leads to a secluded seating area in this informal garden

Climbers add interest and height to a garden, providing flowers and scent at head level. They can be used instead of trees in very small gardens. Here they create a screen to the seating area forming a private, shady spot in the garden.
They provide safe places for birds and attract a wealth of insects which encourages other wildlife.
This photo was taken at Barnsdale Garden in Rutland, a fabulous place to visit for inspiration.


Flower border in summer

Flowers of different shapes, heights and colours attract pollinators designed specifically to feed on them. The vegetation provides safe hiding places and food for other insects. Many of the insects in our gardens help to keep pests under control.
As well as being friendly to wildlife a border in full flower in Spring and Summer is a glorious sight.


Wildlife friendly gardens in North Yorkshire

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